Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alien Past Pt. 7

As soon as the door to her suite closed Ella began to shake. Her breath came in small gasps. She leaned back against the door, trying to think. What did that metal man, Lear she corrected herself, mean when it had said the train wreck wasn't an accident? Who was that thin man with the wide grin and cold eyes? Why had he shot the metal man? Shot Lear? Why had she instantly known he wasn't human?

To many questions, no answers. Opening her eyes Ella looked down at herself. He clothes were torn a bit and covered in soot and dirt. She felt a tightness in her side, a reminder of her recently healed wound. The blood was now tacky and her dress clung to the dried blood. She needed to clean up; she needed new clothes.

Yes ma'am,” the concierge still sounded eager to please, that was good, “how can I help you?”

She made her voice sound as calm and placid as she could, “Yes, I require a few things, will that be an issue.” Her voice sounded strange, it wasn't her voice any more. That is to say it wasn't just her voice any more. Throughout the nights excitement she hadn't noticed, but there was a deeper tone underneath her normal voice, almost an echo.

That should not be difficult ma'am, just give me a list of what you need and we will rush to meet your needs. We at the Peery aim to please!”

Her eyes widened and she smiled, “ Good, good! I am going to a need some new clothes, and room service,” she was suddenly very hungry, running for your life can work up an appetite, “Breast of Chicken a la Rose, Potatoes a la Hollandaise, Medaillon of Spring Lamb, and coffee, black.” She rattled it out before she even thought about what she wanted. Where had those names come from? Ella had certainly never even heard of most of them. She hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to clean up.

She stepped back in shock at seeing herself in the mirror. She was covered in bruises. There was dried blood on her neck. Her eyes, they were different. They were wrong, not hers anymore. There were two pupils now, in a figure eight pattern. Her hands shook for a bit as she took it all in.

Purposefully she went about cleaning up. Turning on the tap for the bath, she stepped back and removed her clothing, leaving it in an ugly pile on the floor. When the bath was full and steaming, she stepped in.

Her eyes widened in shock. She had never felt a sensation like this before. As she lowered herself into the water she felt everything as if it were the first. The sensation of the steam mixing with the cold air and the hot water was overwhelming. She was breathing hard again, but not from fear. She had never felt so alive, so aware, in her whole life. If this is what it meant to be an Aurem, it would take some getting used to. Not that she would mind getting used to it.

She breathed in the scent of the rose water added to her bath and sighed happily, she felt new again, she felt whole. She ran her fingers against the already fading scar where the train had sent a sharp piece of steel though her abdomen. It should have killed her. She found herself wondering about the other Aurem she had met. She wondered how he had come to be this way, she wondered if he had wanted this for himself.

The thoughts began to fade to the back of her mind and she slid deeper into the water letting it cover her completely. She held her breath and enjoyed the feeling of her full lungs struggling for a breath. She barely heard the knock at the door when the concierge arrived. Ella slowly got out of the water and walked over to the door, leaving soggy footprints in a trail across the room. She swung the door open and smiled. The concierge stared at her and began stammering, “Here you go mmmm, uh, mmmiiiiiiisssssssss.”

Ella had stepped closer to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, with the other hand she took the parcel from the stammering concierge and gave him a brief kiss on the cheek, “Thank you, that will be all.” She closed the door and grinned to herself. The parcel held a white linen dress which wouldn’t hold up well at the mines at all. Ella frowned and tossed it over a chair. She was going to have to make a lot of changes in her life, and she figured that her way of dressing would be a good way to start. There was another knock at the door, the concierge had brought up her dinner. With a chuckle to herself Ella returned to the door, “I see you’re making excuses to come up here as many times as-- Oh, you’re not who I was expecting.”

Detective Ace Branson stared at the naked woman standing in front of him. She was a pretty young thing and seemed too healthy to have left the train accident, but several eye witnesses swore up and down that she had been seen running from the site covered in blood, and mud. This girl looked like she had just finished an intimate evening judging by the flush of her, er...cheeks.

“Hello Ma’am, I know you’ve probably had a very busy night, but, well... Would you mind putting some clothing on?” Ace covered his eyes as Ella shrugged and put on the dress the concierge had just brought up. He peeked at her legs which remained bare and found himself imagining her in black silk stockings and a lace garter. Ella smiled at him and sat down.
“Come on in officer, I don’t bite,” She enjoyed seeing a man blush around her. Daniel never blushed around her, all he ever mustered was a sideways glance as he’d try and grab her ass and convince her that blow jobs wouldn’t be a danger to her chastity on their wedding night. This man looked like he wanted to devour her whole, and she liked how he kept glancing at her legs.

“My name is Detective Branson, er, Detective Ace Branson,” he walked into the room and shut the door behind him.

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