Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alien Past Pt. 8

Miles away Valance was sitting in his car sipping the rum from the bottle. The night had not been as successful as he had hoped, he couldn’t find the girl’s trail and when he went back to the wreckage he found that the Doll was gone as well. He wasn’t used to failing and he wasn’t about to develop a taste for it now. Drunkenly he started up the car and headed home to his terrified wife. She was a weak little thing who rarely said anything except for a bit of a sob when he took her to bed. He found himself often deliberately tormenting her in an attempt to get any sort of reaction from her besides trembling. He wondered what she would be like angry, would she raise her voice to him? Would she try and fight him? He caught her staring at him occasionally and wondered what the hell was going through her tiny mind. When he arrived that evening he found her waiting for him, she looked pale and nervous, as usual. “What is it now Mary? I’ve had a long night,” Valance growled.

“I...I’m pregnant,” she said in barely a whisper. She raised her hands to shield herself from the onslaught she expected, but the strike never came. “Di-Did you hear me?”
Valance paused for a moment and then started to laugh, he had knocked the old lady up. The evening was starting to look up.

bit of a short one this week, sorry.