Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alien Past Pt. 5

Ella was running on instinct in the night. The light formed patterns that were both alien and familiar to her somehow. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she stumbled through the forest along the railroad tracks. She had to get away from that awful man. The Doll had been strange, no doubt, but just killing it like that was horrifying. She could still see the gout of silver black liquid shooting out of Lear as it fell. She could feel him chasing her, familiar, yet all the more terrifying because of that familiarity. She ran on. No matter how tired she was; she ran on.

Valence rumbled parallel to the tracks as much as he could. He focused his eyes in a way only the Aurem could. Double pupils dilating out to the point they resembled a figure eight. In all his life he had never met another Aurem. They were that rare. Staring out into the ghostly trees passing by, he wondered how best he could use her. She must have been new to the experience, otherwise she would not have acted so surprised by him. She was fast and strong, and apparently had survived the train wreck.

He idly wondered if she was the item Mr. Torio had sent him after. Even if she wasn't she would make a fine present to the mob boss. Gazing into the woods he finally spotted her running. She was going to hit a clearing soon. He sped his car into a tight corner and arrived there right before she, cutting her off.

Stepping out of the car he smiled, though his voice was cold, “You can’t outrun me. you may as well just come with me”

Standing in the headlights, washed out, out of breath, and out of options, she said, “If you touch me I’ll-”

“You’ll what? you have no other options. You’re going to get in the car. You are going to tell me everything that happened, and then, “ his cold smile widened, “ you are going to meet my boss. One way, or the other.”

Everything turned a bright red to Ella, her temper flared and inside she felt her timid personality begin to wilt under her anger, “Well then,” she said, wiping the sweat from her eyes and grimacing, “I choose the other.” Ella grabbed a branch from a near-by tree and ripped it from it’s place, then with all her strength she swung and slammed Valance in the chest sending him flying. The aurem inside her pushed its way to the surface and spoke, “You will leave this one alone, she is mine!” then returning to its place deep below the surface it allowed Ella to return to control.

Valance could only stare in surprise at Ella, he was strong fast and ruthless but this slip of a girl was stronger than he was. Brute strength alone wasn’t going to cut it. Ella vanished into the night again, and Valance decided this time it would be better to bring reinforcements, luckily he knew just the guy, or thing to help him out.

Ella shook as she waited to see if she was still being followed, she had been running for miles and now found herself staring at a signpost marking the outskirts of Salt Lake City. She wondered if she could pull off returning to her old life or if she would even want to. She groaned to herself when she realized that she had no money and no clean clothing. The thing inside of her pushed her forward and emboldened she walked into the nearest hotel, pulled down her bun and allowed her her hair to be free and fall around her shoulders. In her mind she was a starlet of the silver screen, and now she was going to sell that to the concierge.

“Hey there sailor, how about you help a damsel in distress and set me up for the night?” Her voice practically sang the line.

The concierge began talking before he looked up, “I’m sorry miss we aren’t running a shel-” his eyes made contact with Ella’s and he stopped talking. He stared, entranced in her gaze, and handed her a key to the honeymoon suite. “It’s our nicest room, too expensive for any one to rent it,” he muttered as she nodded and walked away.

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