Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alien Past Pt. 6

Sorry, I was not able to put this out yesterday...homework. Anyway, here is the newest addition of Alien Past. I think Carol and I will be taking a break fro it for a while, as we both are leaning in very different directions creatively. I will still be posting stories and stuff here. It just won't be this after the next few posts. sorry about that, but that's how this collaboration thing works, or doesn't work as the case may be. as always, let us know what you think.

Far away from Ella and Valance, Leer sat in a study, reading a book about demonic possession. Leer knew that what it saw tonight wasn’t a demon, but it hoped that perhaps some humans had unknowingly stumbled across some sort of protection from the Aurem in their never ending attempts to shield themselves from any outside force.

Lear had met the Aurem on three separate occasions including this evening’s encounter, and while this one had been the most violent, they all had left Lear feeling uneasy.

The Aurem usually started out sane enough. Born without physical bodies they would ask the permission of a host before bonding with it. Usually the host would be an animal or small child so that the host’s understanding of situations wouldn’t affect the Aurem’s experience. Somewhere in the midst of it all they all seemed to go a little haywire, though rumor had it that many of the oldest aurem were also sane.

Lear didn’t understand the aurem, it seemed vulgar to inhabit flesh, something dolls only did in the most gruesome of circumstances. In order for a colony to consider a fleshy host all other options had to be exhausted and found impossible. Usually these colonies were hunted down and destroyed. Lear figured it had to be for the best.

The book spoke of souls and their nature, Lear discussed this within itself. They were not in accord as to whether a soul was a human invention, if one existed, and if that mattered in the least. The colony set the book down, it was couched in many different human ideas that were difficult for it to understand. Humans were individual, Lear knew this and yet the colony could not comprehend. So many of the humans’ ideas were so alien. It would be so lonely to not hear the song of the many. While he may share the concept of a single body with humans. There were a thousand minds within that body, a thousand thousand even. The body was a mere shell to convey the masses wherever they wished.

If there was a way to ward of or excise an Aurem, it was not apparent. It would have to unravel this mystery without the help of human philosophy. Turning toward the door Lear glanced down at its chest plate where the strange man had shot it. Though dull from the fire the metal was new. Lear had been lucky that the shot had taken place so near a source of metal.

During the great war it had been shot many times, the worst had been in no mans land, between the trenches. It had thought that the colony was going to fail, all life within would die. There had been no metal near, save for a the bullets within Lear's human comrades lying dead around it.

Eyes dimming somewhat lost in thoughts, it shook the memory away and went to the wall safe to gather a few things. A Marley .38 went into a shoulder holster, and the federal marshal badge was placed on the strap. If it was going to investigate the train crash, it would need to be prepared. Apparently others were after the same thing, and Lear was already behind. It had no ideas as to why the train was forced off the rail. Lear walked out into the breaking dawn, it would find out.

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