Monday, March 14, 2011

New thing! New thing!

This is your friendly neighborhood Jake announcing That Carol and I have started a new project(I know, right, what is this the thousandth new project?). This time we are writing a round robin story. This is more a writing exercise than a real attempt to publish anything, so I(The Jake) welcome any comments or critiques any of you loyal(and man, you would have to be loyal if you stuck it out this long) readers. I don't know if Carol wants that...oh well, just act as though all the critiques are coming my way. It'll be like a game, a secret game. So that is it for today. I will post the first page(well page is a rough estimate, it's a little more than a page) tomorrow.

Till then, fare well!

(ooh! another game you could play...guess which part is written by which writer. Doesn't that sound FUN!!)

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  1. Here's a hint, I'm the good one.