Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Economy Gaming and You

With the economy in the crapper these days it comes as no surprise that the gaming industry has also felt the strain from tighter wallets and failing book sellers.

Several bookstores are in serious trouble, including Borders who is expecting to have to file bankruptcy sometime soon. With the availability and convenience of e-books it isn't too surprising that actual paper books are falling in popularity. Comic and game shops are also feeling the strain.

So what can we do as gamers?

It's best to remember that as a niche interest group, we are our favorite system's bread and butter. There aren't a whole lot of people who will toss down $30+ dollars to see if they may or may not enjoy role playing games.
We should spread the word and not be bashful about introducing our friends to our hobbies. Get them to join in... hook them while they're young (or bored).

Also, resist the urge to pirate books. It's very easy to do but ultimately is harmful to the industry. The cool indy games we all know and love rely on us to actually purchase there goods. If writers aren't making money doing their jobs then they won't do them.

All in all fellow gamers, just hang in there and we'll be rolling sweet crits on the other side of this recession.

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