Wednesday, September 7, 2011

War In The Heavens pt. 17: Breakthrough, break out!!

Today I was talking over the last blog post with a fellow designer and he mentioned an interesting idea. It has lead me back to the idea of the players being able to form their own religions. He looked at the questions I am using for the basis of the religions. He pointed out that I should put template terms(basically some standard terms for ease of use by the players) attached to the questions I already use.

This kind of blew me away. I had toyed with the idea of player created religions early on in this project(I know, I have only been working on this a month, so its all early days, but you get the idea). I had given up on that idea when I couldn't work out how to do it. Now, after I had given up on that idea completely, here comes the solution.

So now I have to work this back into my game. I have two of the three major galactic civilizations worked out. So if the players want to make their own religion that leaves one major civilization. I guess that works. One major religion to play with and who knows how many minor ones. It would also be useful for the GMs to use when creating all those heathens what needs converting or killing.

Also I have been reading through Bulldogs!it uses the FATE engine. I am really enamored with the way it handles character creation. Specifically I like the way races are designed. They get a series of powers, which decrease the amount of refresh available. They also have a listing of four or five aspects that are common to the species. The player picks two for their character to use. I want to use this for my game. Not this directly, but something like this will be used for the religions in my game. Things are starting to come together with my game. Though the attributes/skills/stats are still too vague for my uses yet.

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