Saturday, August 27, 2011

War In The Heavens pt. 13: Killing cows

Today I will kill the sacred cow. I have tried to make it work and still cannot, so I am removing the precision rule from my game. I will have a far easier time accomplishing my goals if I do so. I am also removing the Roll/Keep idea. While I like the mechanic it adds a level of complexity that I am unsure I need, or indeed want.

Let me break down the reasons leading to this decision. When I started I had three things I was very much in love with, Roll/Keep with the precision mod, aspects, and a simple die pyramid type thing. I realized fairly quickly that I could make two of those work together but not all three. I could use Roll/Keep and aspects, or I could use aspects and the stat pyramid. If I tried all three I got a mess. How would you get a pool high enough to have more than three or four dice, then which would you keep? How do you figure that number. Also how would you have enough dice rolled that you would stand a chance of getting within three of the target number on either side? As you can see it was a mess.

I am still in love with my precision mechanic, and I will revisit it later. Maybe I will find a way of making it work, but for now I am leaving it by the way side.

On a setting note, I have decided that weapons technology has advanced faster than defensive technology. I think that this will aid me in adding more sword play to ship fights. On the ground or in space powerful weapons can be fired with impunity. However, on a boarding action any stray shot can penetrate the hull. This will lead(in my mind at least) to the use of melee weapons when trying to take a ship. I also could add some societal reasons for this, in that the peasants are not trusted with heavy weapons, as a way for those in power to remain in power. This is a major tactical shift, and so I will have to think on this more of course. This is just what I am think about at the moment.

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